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Share & Earn

Process -

a. Take your best shot showcasing your favorite dressing style
b. Take a picture of your next style. This style could be from our collection or something you spotted somewhere else
c. Mention us in the post
d. Bonus points if you write little bit about us
e. Post it on social media and let the world know how stylish you are.

Rules -

1. Your facebook post should remain highlighted at the top for at least one week.
2. On twitter, you must pin your tweet. It should also remain pinned for at least one week.
3. Extra points if you tag your friends in the post or mention our twitter handle (@JanjuaClothing) in the tweet
4. Any indication of fraud or cheating will get you disqualified
5. We will announce only top 3 candidates
6. Your prize would be the dress that you posted as your next style.
7. Winners will have to pay for shipping or they can pick the dress from our store
8. Handwork, embroidery and any material costs will have to be beared by the winners
9. You will get 1% discount for each share, like, comment, tweet, retweet or any other activity. Yes, you can get 100%
    discount. Few things are excluded here. Please refer to points 7 and 8 for details.
10. Prizes will be available for pick-up\delivery after 6 weeks of announcement.
11. This campaign cannot be combined with any other campaign.
12. Winners are not allowed to delete their posts/tweets until the delivery of their prizes
13. Our decision will be final